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Interior Design & Project Management

How We Help Your Business?

MoVe Architects has experienced team in Project Management, architectural & interior design. We bring several advantages to your office project.

Time Savings

Our aim is to save your time and let our clients the opportunity to focus on their business.

Cost Efficiency

We will prepare you for all of the project cost, will improve your budged and meanwhile we are going to control the quality and timing of the project.

Quality Services

Together with you we are going to improve the environment and quality of use of your new office spaces.


We know how to deliver your new facilities in short terms and great quality.

Scope of Services

Project Management Services - Move Architecture

Project Management

We will assist you during the whole project process – from the initial idea up to the project closeout.

Interior Design Services - Move Architecture

Interior Design

We are going to create the unique interior environment based on your requirements, our experience and ideas.

Move Management Services - Move Architecture

Move Management

We will make the process of your relocation as simple as possible.

Change Management Services - Move Architecture

Change Management

We are going to introduce to you and your employees the new environment in such a way that they can get excited for the future change.

Architectural Design Management Services - Move Architecture

Architectural Design Management

Starting with the development of the initial concept and financial analysis, we will take care of the whole architectural management process.

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