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Change Management

Planning a Change in Workspace?

Make Sure You Are Ready

No matter how complex is the change you are going to introduce, your employees can get excited, worried or misunderstand the reasons for the change. To prevent business turbulence you need a proper change management process which starts long before the actual physical change.

Our change management process consists of 4 main stages which are necessary for a smooth, efficient and risk-free workplace change.

Step 1

Detailed Action Plan

  • A list of required ongoing meetings with prepared infrastructure (presentation templates, etc.)
  • Work groups and their members, team structure, tasks and content throughout the project
  • Changing agents
Step 2

Communication Program

  • Mapping of audiences – measuring the impact of the move
  • Operational program – timeline and activities. Presenting the project information to the employees
  • Creating a “story” and demo of an employees’ experience at the new site
  • Presenting the concept
  • Addressing resistance plan – what can we expect and how do we deal with it (before, during and after)
Step 3

Workspace Design

  • Layout management – assigning departments and units, defining the best office structure
  • Network analysis
  • Defining and using the best practices in changing to open space office
  • Suggesting ways to deal with and soften the physical change
  • Discussions with topic flexible work environment
  • Entering clear desk policies and open plan
Step 4

Risk Management

  • Ensuring “soft landing” in the new space
  • Preparing a Mock-up environment in order to “sell” the idea to the employees
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